A day tours to visit Ferrari Museums, House-Museum Pavarotti, Modena City Center, Giusti Balsamic Vinegar, Giacobazzi Winery & Museum, Cleto Chiarli Winery and Villani MuSa – Charcuterie Museum.


The Discover Ferrari & Pavarotti Land passport is a simple, yet fascinating system to discover the Ferrari world, the Casa Museo L. Pavarotti, the town of Modena and the many outstanding products of the land of engines and taste. By purchasing the Discover F&P Land passport, you can access the Museo Ferrari in Maranello and the Museo Enzo Ferrari in Modena, the Casa Museo L. Pavarotti and the guided tour at the MuSa - Museo della Salumeria (Museum of Delicatessen).

You can also enjoy guided tours with tasting of Acetaia Giusti, the producer of Dop and Igp Traditional Balsamic Vinegar, Cantina Cleto Chiarli and Giacobazzi Winery and Museum of Wine, producers of Lambrusco wine. All destinations are linked by a dedicated transportation service, which runs the entire day; it includes connections from the Modena railway station and the Bologna bus station.

Rates and validity

Valid for 2 days Adults / 48€ - Minors from 6 to 12 years accompanied by a relative / 18€ - Minors from 13 to 18 years accompanied by a relative / 27€ - Students over 18 / 32€ - Children from 0 to 5 years free

The purchase of the passport entitles you to the entrance of the Ferrari Museums of Modena and Maranello and the Casa Pavarotti Museum. For these three museums do not need to book but simply show up at opening hours
As for Musa - the delicatessen museum, the Acetaia Giusti, the Winery of Cleto Chiarli and Giacobazzi and the Caseificio 4 Madonne you must book a session with a fixed time.
The passport also entitles you to have discounts on the price of admission and guided tour or discounts on products in stores.
Vivara Viaggi is at your disposal and will help you in organize the best itinerary.

Buying options

Online at www.ferraripavarottiland.it or by contacting the offices of Vivara viaggi by e-mail at booking@vivaraviaggi.it or by phone at +39051325086.

Where can you pick up your passport

The passport is a badge that yoou can collect at Ferrari Museum in Maranello and take home as a souvenir.
Is not mandatory to have the badge for the visits, you will need only the voucher on your phone.

Address of places of interests

Museo Ferrari di Maranello – Via Alfredo Dino Ferrari,43 – Maranello (Mo)
Museo Enzo Ferrari di Modena – Via Paolo Ferrari, 85 – Modena. Il parcheggio si trova in via Giuseppe Soli.
Museo Casa Pavarotti – Via Stradello Nava, 6 – Modena (Mo)
Cantina Cleto Chiarli – Via Belvedere, 8 – Castelvetro (Mo)
Musa, Museo della Salumeria – Via Eugenio Zanasi, 24 – Castelnuovo Rangone (Mo)
Museo e Cantina Giacobazzi – Via Provinciale Ovest, 55 – Nonantola (Mo) 
Acetaia Giusti e Museo – Strada Quattro Ville, 52 – Lesignana (Mo)
Caseificio 4 Madonne – Strada Lesignana1 130 – Lesignana (Mo)


Useful advice

Considering the duration of the visits, the routes to reach the locations and a lunch break, we recommend to schedule maximum 5 visits per day.
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